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On the uninhabited Barren Island, about 135 kilometres from Port Blair, is where you will find Asia's only known active volcano. Barren Volcano first erupted in 1787 and then in 2010—an eruption that lasted six months. It's known to spew lava in smaller eruptions since then.

Andaman Fun Tour with 1 traveller

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The history of the Andaman and Nicobar Starts from the Ramayana period.In the Ramayana period it was called as Handuman, As time passes away this place was renamed. In the 1st Century this place was called as Agadaemon Angademan according to Ptolemy. Travellers from different parts of the world visited this place.
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Andaman Holidays is a boutique Destination Management Company providing tours, events, cruise, aviation and yacht services in the Andaman Islands. If you are looking for information of Andaman Islands to decide Andaman Islands as your next holiday destination or planning to book Andaman Holiday
Andaman Holiday Tour with 1 traveller
  • 02 Nights / 03 Days |
  • 1 Canter traveller |
  • 2 Nights Stay at Resort
Flying to Andamans by a private flight from a International Destination and need help to charter a flight, organize necessary permissions to land in Andamans and ground support in Andaman Islands Cruise ship calling Andaman Islands requires planning, prior approvals and permissions.


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Why is Port Blair famous?

Port Blair is also famous for the historic Cellular Jail and other small islands like Corbyn's Cove, Wandoor, Ross Island, Viper Island and so forth, which were once home to British colonists. Port Blair has been selected as one of the cities to be developed as a smart city under the Smart Cities Mission.

Do we need passport for Port Blair?

Is a passport required for travelling to Port Blair? As the Andaman and Nicobar Islands come under the Indian subcontinent, Indian tourists have no travel restrictions. It is like travelling to any other place in our country. They do not need a passport, visa, or any other permission

Can Indians go to Port Blair?

Indian citizens don't need a passport to visit the Andamans, international travelers do. However, a permit is mandatory for Indian citizens without a passport to visit some of the destinations. How long is the cruise to the Andamans? You set sail from Chennai, Kolkata, or Visakhapatnam for Port Blair.

What language is spoken in Port Blair?

Bengali is the most spoken language of the city, followed by Telugu, Hindi and Tamil.

Do we get alcohol in Port Blair?

Alcohol consumption is allowed only in Port Blair legally. On Neil Island & Havelock, restaurants/hotels are not allowed to serve alcohol. But some resorts on the Havelock & Neil islands do provide some cocktails/beer which they will charge by cash. Yes u can ……

Is Port Blair good for tourists?

Port Blair, the capital city of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning beaches, historical landmarks, and vibrant culture.