Neil Island is one of India’s Andaman Islands, in the Bay of Bengal. Bharatpur Beach has coral reefs teeming with tropical fish. Laxmanpur Beach is known for its sunset views. Howrah Bridge is a natural rock formation accessible at low tide. Near the island’s wharf is Neil Kendra village, with a curving, sandy bay dotted with boats. Off the southeast coast, the tiny Sir Hugh Rose Island is a sanctuary for turtles.

Bharatpur Beach

Bharatpur Beach is simply the best beach in Neill Island, that is both tranquil and picturesque. Located just 500 meters from the Neil Island jetty it is a perfect place to enjoy time with your friends and family. The soft white sand beach lines the shore, along with a crystal clear shallow waters, that continues for almost 500 meters into the sea, making it one of those beaches where you can simply go halfway without being wet completely.The shallow waters near the beach are free of large rocks and hard corals. Moreover, the water currents and waves are pretty low most of the time, making it a great place for swimming.

Laxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur Beach - Neil Island. Laxmanpur Beach 1 is the best beach in Neill Island located in Laxmanpur village, perfect for sightseeing and casual trips. The beach is located on the western side of the island, 2.6 km from the jetty and can be reached in less than 15 minutes.The water here is crystal clear, and deep blue, which adds to the beauty of the beach. But the water currents and waves here are moderately high, making it unsafe for swimming and water sports if you are a beginner. Most of the time, you won’t see anyone going into the sea for a swim.One of the most spectacular things about the beach is its shape.

Sitapur Beach

It is a serene beach located in the easternmost corner of Neil island. This beach is famous for the magnificent sunrise. Besides the sunrise one who wants to find tranquility, must visit this beach. This is a rocky beach so not a perfect beach to swim on. You can spend time sitting on a rock, sinking feet, feeling the breeze. Since this is a less explored beach, so no hawkers no tea stall. Crystal clear water, bright blue sky, the deep green forest make it a photographer's favorite beach.

Ram Nagar Beach

When you are in Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep), don’t forget to include Ramnagar Beach in your travel itinerary. It stretches all over Ramnagar Village and has sharp corals that make it a bit tough to swim in at several points. The most sought-after sea access points are at the Blue Sea Restaurant and the pathway just across Deep Sea Resort on the main road. This beach has crystal clear water, calm sea, and clean sand. There is a lot of shade from the trees and thus, it is a good spot for relaxing and reading your favorite book.Sunset was superb at Radhanagar beach Such beautiful blue waters and smooth sand.


Why is Neil Island famous?

Most of the places to visit in Neil Island offer surreal natural surprises. The unexploited coral reefs, thriving biodiversity, white sandy beaches, a notable population of birds and animal life along with adventurous experiences are some reasons that people choose Neil over other islands for Andaman holidays.

Is it worth going to Neil Island?

If diving is not an option, glass-bottom boats are also available. Neil Islands are overall a very nice escape from the rush of modern life, the place feels really peaceful, without feeling empty. All things considered, an amazing visit that you deem to be underrated.

Can we cover Neil Island in one day?

Answer: Neil Island is a tiny paradise that is connected to Port Blair (1.5 hours) and Havelock (45 minutes) by ferry. Tourists who are in a hurry spend just one day here but if you have enough time with you, then you should definitely spend at least two days to be able to relax and soak in the slow island life.

What is the best time to visit Neil Island?

For Neil Island, you can choose to go in October, November, December, January and February which is the peak season and March, April and May which is the moderate season. Both will serve you well to unwind from your tedious routine.

Who owns Neil Island?

Island note

How far is Havelock from Neil Island?

The Havelock to Neil Island distance is about 18 kilometres which take about 2 hours to cover..